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Thomas Siebert

In life there are times that we don't feel like ourselves, or that something is amiss. Sometimes we know the root of these dysfunctions, other times these issues are more unknown to us. My job as your psychotherapist is to help you explore the known and unknown in an open, safe, and curious environment together. 

Practicing from a psychodynamic and existential lens I find that many of our earliest experiences craft our unique individuality and develops what gives us meaning in life. When something feels off it often arises as a result of past traumas or unmet fulfillment. During our time together I want to help you through your therapeutic insights and assist in developing what brings you a sense of wholeness. 

If therapy is a new step in your journey or a path you want to return to, I would love to be there as a part of it. Reaching out can often be difficult, but I will always be happy to hear from you whenever you decide to make the meaningful choice of coming to see me. 

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