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Mandy Siegworth

Taking care if your mental health and wellbeing is a lifelong process. While this may seem daunting at times, you do not have to feel alone. Guidance and support through therapy can improve your capacity to navigate life challenges, strengthen your self-compassion, and enhance your connection with others. 

As a therapist using a psychodynamic approach, I understand that current struggles are often shaped by past experiences, especially early-life influences. Instead of focusing on specific symptom management, I concentrate more on identifying the root cause and bringing awareness to how this has affected your past and present circumstances. In clarifying and addressing these unresolved issues, we can work towards improving your interpersonal functioning and life satisfaction as well as creating long-lasting change.


My training in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) allows for a more in-depth treatment experience for those wanting to target painful memories or aspects of your life that are no longer serving you. I also offer EMDR to children and adolescents.


Therapy takes a tremendous amount of vulnerability, courage, and patience, but I hope that the transformation is rewarding for years to come. I look forward to meeting you on your journey.


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