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Chrys Gerber

There are things in life that can lead us adrift, where we may feel that something is missing,
have dissatisfaction with our life, or feel stuck in a situation that is draining and dysfunctional,
but do not know the way out. As a therapist of psychodynamic theory, I find that the experiences
of our developmental years can color the way we see the world, and create patterns that may
be hindering access to our true self, and thus, a full and conscious life.

My job as your therapist is to provide an open, non-judgmental space to help you access your
inner world, to allow the emergence of your fears, your desires, and unmet needs, to gain a
deeper understanding of the self, and patterns which may be holding you back. To find insight
and courage to embrace the true self.

I believe that authenticity, resilience, and self-efficacy are crucial to living a satisfying life, and I
want to help you move through the wounds that have kept you from getting there.
In my practice, I specialize in trauma, addictive behavior and substance abuse, life transition
and identity issues (crisis of faith, career, sexual orientation, grief & loss), depression, intimacy
issues and relationship conflict. Through a lens of Trauma-Informed Care I may utilize
modalities of Mindfulness and Internal Family Systems Therapy to better support your unique needs.

You have courageously taken the first step, by exploring your options for therapy. The first
phone call is often the hardest hurdle to get over, but once you reach it, the journey has begun.
I look forward to your call.

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